Create your own holidays

If you are a fisherman, accompanying or ecotourism, we suggest you create your own holidays.
Every fishing technique is possible and effective on the Bijagos archipelago : casting, spinning, fly, jig, dragged fishing, surf casting.
For the fishermen accompanying, we suggest plenty activities to discover African treasures : from fareniente to adventure !!!
For nature lovers who wish to see wildlife or to discover Bijago people, we offer tours around the Bijago archipelago as well on the continental Guinea Bissau:
Marine hippos on Orango island, turtles on Poilão island, several endemic bird species, chimps on the Campanés forest.

Fishing holidays

Kere is at the heart of the fishing circuit. Intensive or relaxing, you chose your rhythm !

For the most adventurous, you can go on a bivouac shelter to explore the Bijagos archipelago and its waters full of fish or even discover the Corubal river, a wild river in the north of Guinnea Bissau. For the biodiversity lovers it is possible to organise nature trek.

Everything is available for your pleasure !

Ecotourism holidays

For nature and authenticity lovers, Intensive or relaxing, you chose your rhythm !

We organise ecotourism tours : wildlife discovery meeting Bijagos people. We suggest tours around the nearby islands and « adventure » on bivouac shelter on the further islands on the archipelago.

Everything is available for your pleasure !

Holidays planning

Here’s how typical holidays for fishermen or Eco tourists.
Here’s how typical holidays for fishermen or Eco tourists. These holidays are entirely decided by anyone’s wishes. We adapt to your needs !
However, the typical holidays can be influenced according to the flights : arrival and departure time.
We are also dependent on weather conditions : wind, sea, tides. We are lucky that the Bijagos sea is mild.
Anyway, we do everything we can for you to have unforgettable holidays, far beyond your expectations !!!

Fishing holidays sea or river

best fishing spots in Guinea Bissau for fishing holidays in bijagos

"Kere" holidays

Kere and its surroundings are amongst the best spots of the Bijagos archipelago ! A wide area of fishing isolated from other fishing sites.

camping holidays on orango island bijagos archipelago


Discover Orango and fish on the nature reserve on an unforgettable camping : straw houses, lagoon and sandbank...

bijagos archipelago natural parks joao vieira orango poilaoalt

"Archipelago" holidays

The whole archipelago’s beauty revealed on this trip between Kere, Orango, João Vieira and the nature reserve of Poilão.

captain adventure corubal river  guinnea bissau

"Rio Corubal" holidays

The adventure on the continent over a preserved river full of fish : the Corubal river. Nile perch, tigerfish, african pike...

"Kere" holidays

  • fishing area arround Kere bijagos archipelago in guinea bissau
  • big exotic jack guinnea bissau
  • private island Kere on the Bijagos archipelago
  • flyfishing nice jack from bijagos
  • exotic fish guitar sharp bijagos
  • red snapper fishing near Kere  bijagos archipelago
  • big baracuda more 60 lbs bijagos

Its our "type" holidays, ideal to discover the Bijagos archipelago and to enjoy all the comfort on Kere. A 9 days stay of which 6 and a half days are for fishing.
Your fishing area is wide and protected from any fishing pressure. Each day you can leave Kere and find out the islands of Caravela, Carache, Oniocom, Formosa, Kut, Uno, Enu.......

This stay is an excellent multi fishing holiday : launch fishing, fly fishing, troll, surfcasting, jigging, wedge fishing, tarpon fishing... Every technique is efficient on Kere !!
Ideal for a first exotic fishing holiday ! Our fishing guides can initiate you or help you improve your fishing techniques, including fly fishing !!!

"Kere-Orango" Holidays

After some days of fishing around Kere, you will discover the outstanding natural reserve of Orango for a 2 to 3 night camping at a sumptuously beautiful lagoon.
You can fish on some spots of the natural reserve : departure by bolong boat, plenty jacks, foot fishing on immense white sand beaches, red carps...

To fully enjoy these holidays we suggest a 12 day stay of which 9 and a half days are for fishing. This will allow you to discover the reserve of Orango and to meet the marine hippos, endemic species of the bijagos archipelago.

  • fishing area around orango and its natural park  bijagos guinea bisau
  • wonderful jack catched with popper near orango bijagos in guinea bissau
  • hippopotamus amphibious under water
  • two jacks  bijagos orango island
  • fight with à big fish on orango beach bijagos paradise
  • walkind and fishing on the beach in  orango laguna bijagos guinea bissau

"Archipelago" Holidays

  • fishing aera in the over all bijagos archipelago from north to south
  • Jack or trevally fishing on poilao island in bijagos
  • Camping on poilao island south bijagos
  • red snapper on boat
  • find dolphins on the way to orango
  • laurent durris fight with a big jack in bijagos

To discover the Bijagos archipelago, from the north to the south. After some days of fishing around Kere, go camping for 4 to 6 days. First, towards Orango reserve and then towards the southern islands : João Vieira, Meio and Poilão.
A magnificent journey around the most beautiful islands on the archipelago and fish sessions full of emotion ! From October to December turtles make part of an amazing scenery.

This is a 15 day stay from which 12,5 are for fishing. It’s the most complete holiday but it has more distance to travel on the sea and more days of camping, far away from the cosy comfort of Kere.

"Rio Corubal" Holidays

Our stay on sweet water, unique in Western Africa. It’s also an adventure holiday on the Guinnea Bissau continent. The Corubal river is a large wide river that is born at Fouta Djalon. Its waters are full of fish.
Light spinning or casting, fly fishing, Nile perches, African pikes, tiger fish, tilapia will be your brave opponents on a 6 day camping.
This is a 8 day holiday, of which 6 and a half are for fishing in the river. The whole stay is camping. Ideal holidays combining Corubal and then fishing in Keré!!!

For more details, see our page on the topic : Aventure Corubal

  • african pike rio corubal in guinea bissau
  • stay and holidays on rio corubal
  • tigerfish rio corubal  guinea bissau
  • sunset on rio corubal
  • meander of  rio corubal
  • fly fishing on rio corubal
  • camp on the riverbank of corubal

Ecotourism holidays

  • ecotourism treak on orango island bijagos guinea bissau
  • marine hippos in their habitat
  • culture bijagos pounding the rice
  • sea turtles laying eggs at kere beach
  • white heron african ornithology
  •  bijagos village guinea bissau

For nature lovers and for all the desire to discover every treasure of an authentic Africa, Guinea Bissau and the Bijagos archipelago will offer you landscapes, a great biodiversity and a secular matriarchal culture.

Discover the off the beaten track Africa. We want to share with you our love for the country and its people.

For more details, check the page: Ecotourism