Ecotourim tour

All of the touristics routes are a la carte. You can choose what you absolutely want to visit and we are here to help you with your projects...
We detailed 3 routes as exemple to help you choose. As the seasons go by, plan your project into this exceptionnal environment to make your stay unique.

« The islands » tour

Kere island, fishmen paradise, is also used as base camp to those who wants to immerse themselves in Bijagos culture, be present durin the turtles laying in Poïlao park or go to see Orango park to approach hippopotamus amphibius !

"Continent" tour

You have the choice to visit Cantanhez park for chimpanzees or Cacheu park to discover authentical villages. For the most athletic ones, a kayak trip on the Corubal river !

"Mixed" tour

If you like taking you time to explore the Guinea-Bissau biodiversity, you can choose these route between earth and sea where you can mix ethnotourism and ecotourism in different backgrounds...

  • kere the most beautiful island ob bijagos archipelago
  • Green turtle in poilao park in guinee bissau
  • hippopotamus in orango park
  • the birds in bijagos archipelago
  • dolphin is swimming auround  bijagos island
  • red cliff on Carache island in bijagos
  • african village in carache bijagos

«The Islands » tour

This tour combines the meeting of the people of Guinea-Bissau and the discovery of West African biodiversity in one of the most preserved areas of the world.

Depending on the season, you can attend the exceptional turtle nesting event on sandy beaches, meet marine hippos in their natural environment, but also observe birds, dolphins, manatees ... Throughout the year, the Bijagos people will reveal some facets of their traditional daily life by letting you approach their villages in the ground.

  • Visit tour to the continent natural parks
  • Cantanhez park to see apes and especially chimpanzees
  • Ecotourism in Cacheu and Cantanhez park
  • Cantanhez park forest
  • Cacheu park in Guinea-Bissau
  • Savannah and forest in Guinea-Bissou, Cacheu park

"Continent" tour

This tour includes a visit to the Cantanhez Natural Park which is home to many species of monkeys, the most representative of which is the chimpanzee. But it can also be combined with other visits to nature reserves such as Cacheu in northern Guinea-Bissau.

You must get up at dawn to surprise the monkeys when they wake up in this vast primary forest. A specialized guide will take you between savannah and subhumid forest to discover the great diversity of fauna and flora. The canopy vault of trees over 30 meters high creates a zone of freshness and humidity creating a specific climate where very diverse species develop with broad leaves, lianas, powerful ficus or fig trees but also animals such as the forest buffaloes, pangolins, bush pigs, antelopes ...

  • Ethnotourism ecotourism in west Africa, tours proposed by Kere
  • Bijagos culture, feeding on the sea picking up crustaceans
  • Mullet fishing with a net on the traditional Kere island in Bijagos
  • Traditional village of Caravela in Bijagos
  • West african birds
  • Flamingo migration
  • Picture of a pelican on Kere island

« Mixed » tour

This circuit takes the two previous circuits to be able to discover the customs of the Bijagos and the natural reserves of the archipelago, but also to discover the subhumid forest of the Cantanhez Park.

Itinerant culture, fishing and seafood gathering, construction of earthen houses or straw roofs, traditional ceremonies, Bijagos life has kept its traditional rhythm and you are lucky to be able to see this culture in contact with the inhabitants of the islands. And for nature lovers, you can observe hippos, monkeys, turtles, dolphins, manatees, many fish and more than 130 species of birds ...

An authentic trip in Guinea-Bissau