All about fishing in Bijagos

Fishermen paradise, the small island of Kere will be the starting place of all your fishing, whatever the technique !
Whether spinning, ceasting or fly, jig, surf-casting,trolling, tarpon, you can try everything.
Fishing on boat around Kere island or in a bivouac further away in the archipelago for a longer fishing adventure !
If the sea is a little rough, why not try fishing in the water or our sailors will find some sheltered spots.
Fishermen paradise, the small island of Kere will be the starting place of all your fishing,
whether spinning or fly, jig, surf-casting, trolling, tarpon, you can try everything.

fight during Walk fishing on bijagos beach

Walk fishing

Walk along a beautiful beach, run behind hunts, fight a fish on equal terms: walk fishing in the Bijagos archipelago, that’s awesome !

double fight on boetat in bijagos archipelago

Boat fishing

On boat, very near Kere or on more distant from Bijagos, you can fish with your favorite technique or try new ones.

trevally catched during kayak fishing session

Kayak fishing

The kayak allows quiet approaches, with lot of flexibility to get closer to the fishes. Epic fight at the end of the train !!!

Our boats

Our boats are insubmersible aluminum boats, safe and comfortable: safety is our priority.
Each boat is equipped with a portable GPS, a means of electronic communication and all the necessary security (safety jacket, a set of troubleshooting...)
Two boats are equipped with an ultra-modern fishing station, a GPS coupled to a sounder and a probe to see the seabed in 3D.
Our boats are skippered by experienced Bijagos sailors. They know the best the archipelago !
The sea of Bijagos archipelago is most of time calm and lenient.



  • heavy spinning set for bijagos
  • Pompano trevally catch with popper in bijagos
  • fight with a fish catched with stickbait
  • Trevally catch with popper  kere in guinea bisau

Spinning is the main technique of sport fishing in the Bijagos archipelago. Several types of lures are used: surface lures such as poppers or sticbaits and diving lures such as jerkbait, spoons or soft lures. Attacks on surface lures are always very impressive. The swimming of the lures is to adapt according to the species and the lures: jets of water, walking the dog, stop and go, jerky swimming ....

We recommend two types of set: a light or medium-heavy fishing set for bass to cast lures from 20 to 60g, a tropical type heavy throw to caast lures from 80 to 150g to face more powerful opponents. Feelings and pleasures multiplied.


Jig fishing is developing in Guinea Bissau. Jigging has some features here. The bijagos archipelago is on the continental shelf, so little or no deep pits. The most effective jigging is slow jigging, a kind of waddles as close of the bottom as possible. The lures used are jig "lame", madaî and soft lures with leaded head or mounting texan. The weight of the lures varies between 40 and 120g depending on the depth (max 40m) and the current which can be very powerful.

The set for the jig is a set medium reel and rod. Some fishermen prefer a set type casting which allows a very fine handling of lures. The attacks and the first rush are very violent, hang on to your rods!

  • fish against a fish catched with jig in baijagos
  • red snapper catched with madai jig  guinea bissau
  • fish against a fish catched with jig and casting set in baijagos
  • trevally catched with jig like bugtail jig on kere


  • barracuda of guinée bissau catched by trolling in bijagos
  • barracuda catched by trolling near kere bijagos
  • set for trolling in bijagos archipelago

Trolling is a very effective and relaxing technique after a good day of throwing. It is also the best technique for beginners who will be able to catch impressive barracudas that can exceed 30 kg. In Bijagos the troll is a coastal troll. No marlin or sailfish but barracuda, only barracudas, trevallies, and sometimes cobia or tarpon touch.

Our sailors perfectly master this fishing technique, and know the channels where the barracudas are held depending on the tides. The lures are 15 to 20 cm dipping decoys with large flaps. The cane must be solid: stand up cane (which we lend) or better, cane to throw heavy. Beware the attack is brutal, the first rush is violent!

Fly fishing

Fly fishing is probably one of the most technical fisheries. But it's such a pleasure to lure a fish a few meters away. What a sensation to see flying backing !! One of the best spots is the beach of Kere: elops, trevallies, maquerau Bontites, red carps, barracudas are there, very close to the fly. The biggest jacks weighed 14kg !!

We also have other spots for fly fishing by boat or on foot. In particular, we propose a 1km course in a bed of beautiful rocks or an entrance of "magic" bolong . We recommend two sets: one for 8 silk which is the most used and one for 10/11 silk for those who want to harness big fish. We offer free initiations to fishermen who would like to try the fly.

  • ladyfish catch by fly fishing in bijagos archipelago
  • fly fisherman on the kere beach  in bijagos
  • fight with a trevally catched by fly fishing on kere
  • barracuda catched by fly fishing on kere


  • three rods for surfcasting in bijagos  guinea bissau
  • fisherman who is waiting during surfcasting on kere bijagos
  • Barracuda catched by surfcasting during night session on kere bijagos
  • surfcasting during night session on caravella beach bijagos

Surfcasting in Bijagos is effective, relaxing and terribly fun especially at night. Barracudas, red carps, sharks, otholites, stingrays, guitar rays are the most popular fish in surfcasting. The beach of Kere often hosts night surfcasting sessions after a good meal, glass in hand ! But we must stay vigilant not to lose the cane because the attacks are violent.

It is possible to do other surfing sessions on the beaches of Formosa, Orango or Oniocom. Our sailors will provide the baits : mullet, elops, yaboi. The material must be rugged : cane of 4m powerful (100-200g) because the baits are imposing and the current sometimes strong.


The "all-tackle" world record, that is to say the largest tarpon, has been caught in the Bijagos archipelago. In Kere, we regularly catch tarpon between 60 to 100kg. The most effective technique is stalling with an entire dead mullet drifting in the current such as tuna fishing "with broumé". It is possible to touch tarpon with jig, throwing or sometimes trolling. We have identified several baby-tarpon spots where it is easier to catch them with spear or swimmerfish.

For big tarpon the material must be the measure of the opponent : stand-up cane of 30 or 50 pounds (loaned gracefully) or powerful tropical throwing rods. It is then a great pleasure to fight this powerful and cunning monster. The fight can be long and well over an hour. Pictures and release please because this splendid fish, king of bijagos, well worth it !!!

  • fight against a more than 100 kg tarpon bijagos
  • tarpon jump near the boat kere bijagos
  • tarpon  guinée bissau more than 80 kg
  • big tarpon picture and released on the kere beach


  • big red snapper in bijagos
  • nourrice shark  Kere
  • nourrice shark  Kere bijagos in guinea bissau
  • sinpot catched by stalled fishing kere
  • rascasse or scorpion fish catched by stalled fishing kere

Basic technique: a lead and a hook with a bait are enough. The stalled fishing is a bit neglected by our fishermen but it is however so fun and terribly effective. It is a provider of beautiful surprises: sharks, cobias, big otholiths, merous, rays, red carp, trevallies, porpoises, sinpot, catfish .... The list is still long!

Our sailors know all the spots close to Kere. The GPS and the sounder can help position the boat. The material is a rugged rod and stiff enough to support a lead of 100-120g depending on the current and depth.