The spirit of Kere

We like to work respecting Human beings and Nature.
Fair trade and sustainable development aren’t a commercial slogan !

Laurent Durris - M'îles vagues de découverte

tribal ceremony in a bijagos village in guinea bissau


I’ve spent my childhood and youth in Ivory Coast. I’ve been impregnated by african culture. The under-water hunting and fishing have been my favorites hobbies during my youth in direct contact with nature.

With my brother, I discovered the Bijagos archipelago in 1998. I fell in love at first sight for these islands and their richness. In a first time, I’ve opened a boarding house on Bubaque. I crisscrossed the archipelago by carrying out some missions for environmental protection NGO’s : IBAP (National Institution for Biodiversity Conservation and Protected Area Management System) and IUCN (world leader in the development of knowledge and understanding of effective conservation actions).

In 2000, during a turtle counting mission, I’ve land on the Kere small island. This has been an evidence for me : to live on this small island and share with other my love for nature, fishing and Bijagos archipelago ! It took me time and perseverance to get the right to settle on Kere.

Bijagos population welcomed me as one of them : customs baptism then different initiations (fanado). I’ve built strong relationships with Bijagos people based on confidence, caring and mutual respect. For us, fishing and ecotourism are privileged way to discover this people, this archipelago so little known.

At first, a simple camp of canvas, Kere became over the years a true lodge-hotel : comfortable hotel and one of the best tables in Guinea-Bissau. Big box Bar Restaurant, spacioux bungalows and comfortable bathrooms, ping-pong box and at last the whole new «relax» box coiled in the heart of the roots of a centenary ceiba containing billiards, bar and a film projection area !

I married Sonia in the Bijagos customs ! We’re both impatient to make you discover our small island, true green setting on the water. An intact and generous nature."

Laurent Durris - Sonia Durris M'îles vagues de Découverte - KERE

Nos réalisations

  • preature baby in Mpincha village  examined by JG rodier
  • water well digged by laurent durris kere
  • school of Binte village in Bijagos archipelago
  • marcelino nurse in dispensary of de mpincha in bijagos
  • dispensary of village mpincha built with laurent durris et sonia kere bijagos
  • the only one bed of tne dispensary in mpincha village bijagos

Drinzing water: We helped to build several fresh water wells with direct access to water for the population. A spot of water for the dispensary, another isolated spot of water with the creation of a vegetable garden and an orchard to develop local employment.

Health: We helped to build the dispensary of M’pincha on the small island of Carache. We helped with the training of the nurse, Marcelino, great professionnal of health. We offer first aid to inhabitants of the islands as well as many drugs.

Transportation: We carry out medical repatriations from the dispensary to the medical centers in Bissau. We regularly transport medical teams for vaccination or screening campaigns (tuberculosis, malaria ...).

Education: We helped to build schools in Binte and M’pincha on Carache island. Education is a priority for Bijagos population. We support their development process in the field of education : donation of school supplies, transport...

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