Fishing in Guinea Bissau


Barracuda, jack, red snapper, tarpon, cobia, shark, ray, captain, elops....Everything you should know about the fish at the Bijagos archipelago : behaviour, eating habits, biotope.

Fishing Techniques

Heavy or light spinning, surfcasting, jigging, fly fishing, troll, fishing at the beach or kayaking. Details on every efficient technique for fishing in Guinea Bissau .


You can bring your equipment or rent at the hotel, every detail on the equipment adapted to your fishing : reel, rod, lures, accessories, essentials.

Learn more about your opponents , so you can fish them.

The Bijagos archipelago counts around fifteen « sport » fishing fish species : the tarpon can weigh more than 100Kg, the majority of the worlds biggest barracuda ever caught were in Guinea Bissau, the common jack, the red carp, the liche, the cobia, the shark tiger, the guitarfish...

We share with you our 15 year fishing experience on the Bijagos archipelago : eating behaviours, preferential positions, the influence of the tides. Much information and knowledge to lure your opponents.

Fishing Techniques

L'archipel des Bijagos est la destination multi pêche par excellence: toutes les techniques sont possibles.

Spinning fishing is the queen technique on the Bijagos. Poppers and stickbaits rule. Surfcasting, troll fishing and wedged are reliable techniques while new ones appear : jigging, kayak fishing, fly fishing.

On this page you will find all the information for an optimal fishing, weather you are a fan of a unique technique or several. Kere is the best place to enjoy new techniques ! Our guides will help and advise you.

Everything you should know on the equipment to bring for every fishing technique. You can rent reliable equipment on Kere and at a good price!

Exotic fishing demands a strong and powerful equipment. However, it is important not to oversize the importance of the equipment because it will take away your pleasure on fishing: a rod too stiff tires you and turns the combat less fun !!

On this page, we advise you equipment tested on Kere : a wide range of rods, reels, baits and accessories adapted to each fishing technique. High quality material and affordable.

Our fishing team

Two guides very experienced and bijago sailors that know the archipelago like the palm of their hands.
laurent durris fishing guide bijagos kere islet
The "boss"

Kere’s manager Bijagos

camille tripier fishing guide at the bijagos
Experienced Guide

8 years of experience at the bijagos archipelago

fishing camp sailor bijagos on kere
Sailors' leader

From the Bijagos he is a true expert !!!

Bijagos fishing sailor in guinea bissau
Sailor and chief mechanic

Boat maintenance, engine repair

domingo kere's sailor bijagos

the youngest sailor but very gifted

armando fishing on the bijagos en guinea bissau
fishing sailor

Fishing is a pleasure

armando Expérienced sailor bijagos kere guinea bissau
Fishing sailor

Good sailor and very good fisherman

marin de l'archipel des bijagos

an added value on Kere