To sleep and eat on Kere


hotel Kere private bungallow on bijagos
Bijagos hotel: comfortable rooms in african cocoons with a seaview. Nights are gentle and quiet on Kere !

In an African style, our bedrooms offer you all the modern comfort : quality beds, mosquito nets and toilets in the majority of the bedrooms. You can also enjoy a big terrace with a living room and sea view. Whitewashed walls, African wood, straw roof : every bungalow is perfectly fit into the natural set of Kere.

In our hotel Bijagos, your comfort is our priority. Our smiley and available team cleans and tides the rooms everyday. We also offer a free laundry service.

We advise you individual bungalows for those who look for quietness or double bungalows for the families or groups of friends that want to share friendliness moments.


Kere hotel bar in the bijagos archipelago
Bijagos bar, a nice place to relax and enjoy some drinks with ours friends or another fishermen

Kere bar with its two living rooms is the perfect place for sharing your adventures during the day : a fight with a tarpon, a trevally attack, the discovery of a typical village or a meeting with dolphins... Each person with their own stories full of emotions on the Bijagos archipelago !!

We suggest you a large choice of fruit juices, sodas, beers, international and local spirituals and « maison » cocktails served by the radiant smiles of Nené or Jairson. Our speciality is Kerepirinha : smashed green lemons, sugar, smashed ice and Kana, the local rhum. Low-cost prices.

Our beverages are served fresh with ice, accompanied by free popcorn, peanuts or cashew nut.


Kere’s dining room on Bijagos archipelago
In our restaurant, you will be delighted by our kitchen chefs specials using fish, fresh products and african favours.

Red snapper carpaccio, trevally tartar, barracuda gratin, Tahitian otolith or simply grilled fish are some of our bijagos restaurant specials. You will eat the best and most fresh fish from the Bijagos archipelago. You will also try the seafood : Kombé (a kind of sea shell) or grilled mangrove oysters.

Our kitchen chefs can adapt to anyone’s taste. If you don’t like fish, that’s not a problem : vegetarian menu, chicken, omelette or a dish with sauce. Dessert « maison » to finish.

Breakfast is served through large buffet : hot beverages, fruit juices, fresh fruit, maison cake, pancakes, bread and jams...

Our team

Twenty-two people from Bijagos that live on Kere’s surrounding islands will be with you in a good mood and hospitality.
Néné and Jairson will assist you at kere’s bar and restaurant on bijagos

Jairson and Néné will serve you the meals and cocktails

antonio kitchen chef kere bijagos

Behind the stove, our chefs will make your taste buds wriggle!

franscisca kitchen clerk at kere

Products neatness and freshness are their priorities

fatou and francisca reassure that laundry is done and bedrooms are tidy
Cleaning and laundry

In a good mood, your room is cleaned everyday, and we will take care of your laundry.