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A paradise for families, the Kere small island is a delight for fishermen and explorers alike!
But to leave in peaceful mind, it is better to know how to equip yourselves, so here is our list for all Tintin budding.

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The island where the dead children dancing :
age, sex and power in Bijogos of Guinea-Bissau culture

Christine Henry, anthropologist, delivers here a description and an analysis of the social and religious organization of the Bijagos. Structured on a system of age class, this community presents original features. Thus, male individuals who died before initiation are wandering souls who constantly torment the living. It is up to women to ward off this danger. In the state of quasi possession, they take care of the male dead to enable them to perform an initiation that they could not perform during their lifetime. Periodically, these deceased children, transformed into beneficial entities, come to dance in the space of the village.

Book Bijagos great men - Great Man Homme Grande
Bijagos : the archipelago great men

"You can sing and dance, day and night, in my village". With these words, Silva, King of Bane Ijun, welcomes the eight children of Fleur de Lampaul to his island in the Bijagos Archipelago. An amazing journey begins for these young people from Europe who will share the daily life of an animist community of black Africa during three months. In the heart of this preserved natural paradise - but sometimes dangerous - they will seek to understand the subtle links that bind the Bijogo people to nature. Great Men know everything about the sea and the forest, full of innumerable animals, Gambian rats with rare marine hippopotamuses, but also formidable spirits. They will lead the crew of the oceanographic sailing boat of children in a real journey to the sources of the world, to the borders of the visible and invisible realm of one of the last Water Peoples.

West African Bird Guide

If you are passionate about ornithology or simply curious, do not forget your boards to recognize the many birds on the island. You can also observe many fish. To your guides!

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Travel guides are rare on this country still not very touristy, some websites allow to have more information on the country and the archipelago of Bijagos, most important attraction of the Republic of Guinea-Bissau.

- easyvoyage.com pour avoir des informations générales détaillées.
- guinee-bissau.net pour en découvrir beaucoup plus, mais sans actualisation des informations.