Ecotourism in Guinea Bissau

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Between land and water, Guinea-Bissau is a home to many animals that enjoy a preserved ecosystem. But it is not only the nature lovers who will be filled by this authentic land...


Sail between islands and continent as you wish. Make your own program according to your interests. We guide you to build an unforgettable stay in Guinea-Bissau.

Material and readings

Check out our reading list about Guinea-Bissau and Bijagos to travel well informed and to better understand the local culture. And for eco-adventurers, there are also some ideas for smart equipment.

« A la carte » stays to discover a serene and preserved Africa.

The island of Kere is hiding between the islands of Caravela and Carache, haven of peace rocked by the tides, from where you can explore the archipelago and the natural parks of the continent.

To discover in Bijagos

Bijagos biosphere natural reserve.

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map of Bijagos archipelago

Equipment and readings

  • Information on how to come and get a visa to Guinea-Bissau.
  • écotourism in guinea bissau